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If you're looking for a bottle of Captain Morgan's, by all means try Schnucks. But if you're one of those rare imbibers who relish the honeyed punch of aged rum, you'd do better to lift your snifter toward Starrs. The store, which also carries a small selection of gourmet goods, boasts one heck of a liquor cabinet. The beer selection is no slouch, either. And oh, the wines! Aligned in long, democratic rows, stellar premier crus rest alongside wines of humbler origin. Chiantis rub shoulders with Barolos. Even the recently reviled merlot isn't discriminated against. That's the thing about Starrs, especially when it comes to wine: You don't have to pay a lot to drink well. And the staff is just as egalitarian and expansive as the selection. Try this and see what we mean: Go in and tell "em you want a full-bodied red and you've only got ten bucks to spend. Go ahead, tell "em. There's no time like the present to commence your imbibing education.
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