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Corral Liquors

Whether you're Joe (or Jolene) Sixpack or a discriminating consumer of fine spirits, you owe yourself a little trip across the river to Corral Liquors in Granite City. What the wizened steel town of Granite City lacks in genteel refinements it makes up for in character. Hunkered on the town's main drag is Corral Liquors, one marvelous mother of a booze emporium. The exterior looks about as enticing as your average auto-parts shed, but step inside and prepare to be blown away by a jaw-dropping selection of wine, beer and spirits. Like whiskey? Corral's shelves groan under the weight of beaucoup brands both esoteric and familiar. Single-malt Scotch connoisseurs will find themselves in hooch heaven here. The beer section is flat-out astounding, with scores of international brews on offer that you can purchase by the individual bottle -- sample away, it's fun! -- or the six-pack. You won't find Old Jock Ale (from Scotland) at Schnucks or Dierbergs, but Corral will hook you up.
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