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G&W Meat & Bavarian Style Sausage Company

The best links don't come at the end of a Web article. They dangle from the rafters of G&W Meat in long, loopy ropes of all-beef Landjager sausage. Family-run for 35 years, G&W has passed from two brothers to their sons, Gerhard Wanninger and his cousin Bob Wanninger. They continue the tradition of hausmacher (housemade) liverwurst, a creamy pâté that is to braunschweiger what Dom Perignon is to grape Vess. They make all their products, deft hands moving the flesh along from chopper to stuffer to grinder to mixer to stuffer to hours in the smokehouse, followed by a hot shower in the cooker to seal in moisture. For years, G&W has supplied the Grant's Farm beer garden with its special secret-herb brat; the company also sells to Busch Stadium and stocks the Strassenfest. At the retail counter, South Siders line up for lean-pork Polish krakauer, ham sausage, Dutch loaf and inland yachtwurst, not to mention head cheese -- ground and seasoned pork tongues and snoots, quivering in gelatin -- and the perennial favorite, tongue-and-blood.

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