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Medical Marijuana in Missouri

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While we’d love to list “a safe and effective COVID vaccine” here, or even “that deflating balloon we currently call president getting voted out of office,” this is 2020, the Worst of Times, and so we’re gonna settle for one thing we know we can count on: weed. It’s been years at this point since Amendment 2 legalized the medical use of marijuana in Missouri, and months since cardholders have been legally allowed to be in possession of weed, but we’re still waiting on the dispensaries to open. Coronavirus is partially to blame, as regulators put their inspections of cultivation sites on hold while the world went on lockdown, but those regulators have since given the green (get it?) light to many of the state’s operations — meaning the products they’ve been growing for our (medicinal, sure) use will soon be available. Most of the dispensaries we know of plan to open by mid-November, meaning we can at least be high as fuck during the shitshow that is going to be post-election America. Finally, 2020 throws us a bone. — Daniel Hill

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