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A mid-'90s black Pontiac, containing a forty- or fiftysomething white man and woman (surprise, surprise) was spotted, moving slooow and taking it really easy, no doubt because the occupants choose to live the Foghat Life. It's one thing to like Foghat, dig their classics -- "Slow Ride," "Fool for the City,"-- but to live the Foghat Life, you have to immerse yourself in the Way of the Slow and really cruise to music, because if you really cruise to music, you'll have the stamina to roll all night, and who among us hasn't had at least one wonderful experience rolling all night? Foghat, man, they were onto something, and even though all you poseurs smoking cheeba and kickin' Snoop, Scratch Perry and Massive Attack are on the right track, you're obviously not so committed that you're willing to live the Life, to stand on the vanity podium and scream through the megaphone the simple word that is the Answer: FOGHAT.
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