Best Lesbian Bar

Novak's Bar & Grill

A ladies-lovin' kinda girl looking to frolic ought to head for the Grove. Should she desire a grown-up, cocktail-sipping (and smoke-free) crowd, she might duck into Nancy's Place. If she prefers a younger but relaxed and intimate ambiance, she might try the newly opened Bar 5. But if grinding to pop music under disco lights is what she craves, Novak's Bar & Grill is, simply, it. Grand matron Nancy Novak says she has been "throwing a party for a living" since the mid-'90s, and her flagship hotspot for the LGBT set stays open until 3 a.m. every single night. There's always some extracurricular going on during the week: washer tournaments out on the brick patio, karaoke, drag shows, trivia, free pool or darts — the list goes on. You could even just sit, watch sports on the big screen and wolf down a Novak burger (every patty is a half-pound and handmade). Smooth the way for that burger with one of several special shots, such as "Stacey's Sleazy Slut" (Rumple Minze and Red Bull). But on Friday and Saturday nights, be prepared for things to turn sensual. The front windows get foggy, and so do minds. Whatever is a girl to do?

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