Best Lesbian Bar

Novak's Bar & Grill

Novak's Bar & Grill serves up cold beer, burgers and barmaids who double as dancers. Led by Becca, two nights a week the ladies shimmy, shake and hang from leather straps on the ceiling, and customers with a buck can steal a quick kiss. But it isn't just the barmaids who go out of their way to welcome the (mostly lesbian) clientele that ranges in age from early twenties to late fifties. Bouncer and door-greeter Micki gives newcomers a rundown of the night's events, which could include karaoke, dancing to tunes played by DJ Jane or a band on the outdoor patio. The place is an unpretentious beer-and-jeans joint, not the spot to order frou-frou drinks (and certainly not a Tom Collins). But true to the party-pic décor and softball trophy displays, Novak's is more than a bar; it is a celebration of life and love. The doors are open to heteros and men -- but the customer base is women who like women. So if you go, be prepared for an old-fashioned, ass-squeezing good time.
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