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Travis Noble

Imagine you're a doctor, judge, cop or pro athlete. You're soused. You get pulled over. Red and blue lights swirling behind you, your heart thumping, your palms dewing, you'll probably fumble for your cell phone and call Travis Noble. If anybody can get you out of this jam, he can — and he looks every bit the part of flashy defense attorney, with his slicked-back hair, pinstriped suits and pocket squares. Noble is well known in town for winning "unwinnable" DWI cases, such as the nurse who slammed into an idling car at a red light, flunked three sobriety tests and refused a Breathalyzer. She hired Noble, and the jury found her not guilty. Noble knows every nook and cranny of the law because, for ten years, he was a cop himself. He says he learned firsthand that many cops "simply don't do what they're supposed to do" during a drunk-driving arrest, and he exploits those obscure breaches of process. But in a sense, he's also part of the solution: His vigorous advocacy keeps the police honest, and he's even lectured cops on how to do their jobs more effectively. That's a win for everybody.

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