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Assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Goldsmith

Hardly did a law-and-order scandal break these past twelve months where Assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Goldsmith didn't find himself smack in the crosshairs. Exhibit A: Bobby Lee Garrett, Vincent Carr and Leo Liston, three former St. Louis police officers, will soon be sentenced for stealing cash from criminals they apprehended. Exhibit B: Bill Jakob, the fake "federal agent" who took over the town of Gerald, Missouri, went to the pen for five years for fraud and impersonation of a law-enforcement official. Exhibit C: State senator Jeff Smith and state representative Steve Brown have resigned and are facing jail time for covering up a political misdeed. Goldsmith, who handles mostly public-corruption cases, threw the book at all those guys. Oh, and don't forget Eddie Hasan, former head of the minority contractors' association known as MOKAN, who's doing twelve months and a day for tax evasion. Goldsmith may be looking at another banner year, what with the city police department's towing scandal crowding his desk.

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