Best Ladies Who Lunch Restaurant

The Zodiac (in Neiman Marcus)

The runners at the Zodiac have a magical phrase: "Would you care for another popover, madam?" Because one popover at the Zodiac never, ever suffices. A pillow of warmth and egg accompanied by a ramekin of strawberry butter, the amuse-bouche — poof! — disappears as magically and expeditiously as it arrived, even among the ladies who lunch. Which is one of the main reasons the Zodiac, artfully concealed on Level Two of Neiman Marcus and open only four hours a day, never seems to have an empty table on the random afternoon you happen to be playing hooky. (These ladies, after all, keep so busy they must book well in advance.) But do not be discouraged; the Zodiac is worth the wait. Delightful courses of fish, salads, even stew, follow the popovers. And the portions far surpass the I-didn't-come-here-to-eat-anyway size one generally encounters in this type of establishment. Now if only there were a Good Fairy on Level One to wave away all those buttery calories with a flick of a wand....

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