Best Knife Sharpener

Bertarelli Cutlery

Felice (pronounced fay-lee-chay) Bertarelli started his knife-sharpening business out of his garage on Macklind Avenue back in 1967. He relocated to Carisolo, Italy, five years ago, but his artistry runs in the Bertarelli blood. Today son John and grandson Dan will expertly sharpen any of your blades for just $3 a pop—and while you wait, if you come in before 2:30 p.m. (Felice returns to town twice a year to check on them.) Well-known to Hill residents and restaurants, Bertarelli's is also the go-to sharpener for eateries across the region. "We do Applebee's, Imo's, Macaroni Grill, Tony's, the Ritz, King Louie's, Blue Water Grill, and many more," Dan points out. The shop also sells an array of topnotch blades from Wsthof and Global, along with other kitchen gadgets.
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