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Kitchen Conservatory smells like home. Like childhood. No, our formative days didn't carry the aroma of an All-Clad tagine (a gorgeous interpretation of Morocco's key cooking vessel), nor did we gather <\#213>round the Emile Henry flame-top ceramic Dutch oven. But we did hunker over our homework—or sit down to a heated game of Battleship—while the heady smell of roasted chicken filled the house. The crackling skin, the smoky-tender meat.... Wait, where were we? Oh, yes: Kitchen Conservatory, where right now a rosy-cheeked chef is teaching ten eager students the art of the roasted chicken. And that's not the only class on the shop's superlative syllabus. Over the next few months, aspiring gourmands can prepare a rustic Italian menu with John Komotos of Trattoria Branica, grill chicken-chorizo skewers with Grace Dinsmoor of Modesto or sharpen (sorry) their knife skills with Clark Stone of Wusthof-Trident Cutlery. But the Conservatory is far more than a tiptop study hall for the culinarily inclined; it's also the most thoughtfully well-stocked kitchen shop in town, with gizmos and gadgets for bakers, sauciers, butchers and sommeliers—and for home-kitchen chefs, those devoted men and women who labor over the perfect roasted chicken.
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