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World Bird Sanctuary

Birds, right? Big whoop. Step out your front door and you're likely to see a half-dozen of the things — perched on the power lines, pooping on your car. So let us get one thing clear now: Those are not the aves you'll find at World Bird Sanctuary. A better name for this 305-acre preserve would be WTF Bird Sanctuary — so exotic and astonishing are the animals in its care. Just ask your screaming kid, the one who's staring face-to-beak at Dorothy, the Andean condor whose four-foot-tall body and ten-foot wingspan makes her as unworldly as the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is just one of dozens of rare and majestic raptors on display at World Bird Sanctuary, with many of these powerful beasts — owls, hawks, eagles, falcons — perched in the open with just a leather tether keeping them from flying off into the clouds. And if these regal birds of prey somehow don't excite your kid, there are always the chickens. Children delight in feeding these feathered fowls whose appetite apparently knows no bounds.

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