Best Kids' Thrill

Raging Rivers WaterPark

Kids like water. Kids like to go fast. At Raging Rivers WaterPark, kids can go fast through water. Parents like to go slow. At Raging Rivers WaterPark parents can ride the Endless River at a calm two-and-a-half miles per hour — it would be better with a margarita, of course, but you must remember: it's about the children — while the little ones careen down the tortuous 500 feet of the Cascade Body Flume or encounter the buffeting rapids of the 600-foot-long Runaway Rapids. And since we're — what? — a couple thousand miles from real waves, kids won't find a more thrilling ocean-like adventure than the simulated wave action of Breaker Beach. It's the most thrilling adventure kids can have between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So thrilling, in fact, that when the season ends, they'll be bugging you to re-create Raging Rivers with trash bags, a garden hose and your longest hallway.
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