Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Onesto Pizza & Trattoria

Look, you can let the kids drag you to another grim fast-food joint or one of those arcade-type restaurants where pot-addled teens in rodent costumes redolent of 30 years of b.o. try to distract the tykes from the fact that the pizza they are eating has a crust made out of industrial-grade cardboard. Or you can introduce them to what a restaurant should be. No, you don't have to dress them up in their ill-fitting Easter suits and give them the Glare of Imminent Death whenever they say the darnedest thing. Just take them to Onesto Pizza & Trattoria, a casual neighborhood restaurant where everyone in your family will find a dish that they love, whether their tastes are little-kid basic (try the excellent spaghetti and meatballs) or grown-up adventurous (the smoked-chicken pizza, with the kick of roasted jalapeños and a tasty, spicy barbecue sauce). In that rare case when the whole family can agree on one dinner, you can order several of the pasta dishes family-size. Hold on. The whole family agrees on something? This calls for a celebration. Just another excuse to go to Onesto.

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