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Korean Fried Chicken Wings at O! Wing Plus

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At first glance, you are likely to think that O! Wing Plus is simply a knock-off of any of the number of generic wing joints around town; its humble, strip-mall location makes it look like the sort of place you'd grab some limp, hot-bar-style Buffalo wings with a handful of ranch packets. However, once you take the leap and step inside this Overland chicken spot, it becomes abundantly clear that you are in for so much more than basic Super Bowl fare. Owned by the Song family, O! Wing Plus serves chicken wings and strips that may not be officially called Korean fried chicken, but they are definitely in that genre. The secret to their success is the chicken's shockingly crispy exterior, a breading that retains every ounce of its crunch even when tossed in sauce. And the sauce! The restaurant offers several to choose from, like the fiery Beast Mode, the Thai Chile Lime and the signature O's Original, a chile-infused brown sugar glaze that has the perfect balance of heat and subtle sweetness. Bring an order of these beauties to your gathering, and you'll be the toast of the night — that is, if you can refrain from gobbling them all down en route.

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