Best Kept Secret

The South Coast of St. Louis

If they aren't going to use it, we may as well. When you're at the foot of the Arch, start walking south along the riverbank. Then keep walking. Just keep going. Walk around fences, along railroad tracks. You'll have to dodge barge companies, sand and gravel dealers. You're probably not supposed to be back here, but so what. Who can tell? It's the wilderness, the country. Eventually, maybe a mile up, due east of Anheuser-Busch, you'll come upon a massive brick beach. It isn't much to lie on, but it's a nice place for a barge-watching picnic, and a blast to investigate, especially once you discover that that these bricks are the remains of old two-families and corner markets. Mixed within the brick landslide are chunks of decorative terra cotta. You could find some real pretty remnants while spending a lovely fall day watching the river flow past.
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