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Rockin' Gators Bar & Grill

Located on the corner of Gravois and MacKenzie roads, Rockin' Gators has no obvious front door. The south-facing entrance is a simple, solid white door. Its rear entry, accessible from the parking lot, looks more like a service entrance. But if the exterior of the one-story stone building looks less than inviting, the clubhouse atmosphere inside couldn't be more so, whether you're one of the many regulars or a first-timer. Boomtown Karaoke holds court at Rockin' Gators every Wednesday through Saturday night, and the dictionary-thick song books contain pretty much any tune you'd ever want to croon. The karaoke nights attract all the usual suspects, and the Shania Twain wannabes, the Frank Sinatra sentimentalists and the Metallica growlers all get their turn on the wireless mic.

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