Best Karaoke

Keeton's Double Play

Most locals who enjoy performing karaoke know a few places to head out for an evening of cocktails and sour notes. Unfortunately, some places are so packed on certain nights that if you want to do some serious singing you have to search for somewhere new. Talayna's on Hampton (see Best 3 a.m. Bar, elsewhere in this section), for instance, gets so packed most nights that you can pretty much forget about getting a turn. So this year we're training our little superlative spotlight upon Keeton's Double Play. Located off Kingshighway near Christy Park, Keeton's rocks the karaoke machine three nights a week and does so with a huge selection of tracks. Singers of varying talent levels (many surprisingly good singers show up) strut their stuff in front of the large projected screen. Bonus: Keeton's neighbor across the street is a firehouse, and the bar serves specials on shots whenever a truck rushes out to answer a call. Did somebody just request "Burning Down the House"?

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