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John's Furniture and Antiques Annex

Junk is such a loaded, negative word, at least for those of us appreciative of human detritus -- toss-offs, failed fads and the sublimely surreal. In particular we love the bread-and-butter of knickknack stores, those ridiculously anthropomorphic animal figurines (kitties having afternoon tea, anyone?). Is there any more insane manifestation of the human mind? No. John's Annex is a freak show of trinkets and bowls and wigs and weirdo vases and ridiculously expensive teapots placed next to an itsy glass deer grazing next to a suction cup-powered pop-up top of a purple turtle with angel's wings. Wha'? Whose humanoid brain thunk up that, and was it the fulfillment of some sort of vision? The curious and the clever would be well advised to make a visit. If you're on any sort of hallucinogen, however, avoid the animal figurines, because they will freak you out.
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