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Riley's Pub

Riley's Pub, located just a block east of the hustle of the South Grand strip, is nominally an Irish bar, as the well-poured Guinness and regular Irish folk sessions should make clear. So it's not exactly a shock that the pub's 100-disc jukebox has a double dose of Pogues for your pint-raising pleasure (and, trust us, rabble is roused so much easier when "Streams of Whiskey" is blaring). But the selections go deeper than that, offering an appropriate soundtrack for all those barroom moods. Misty and sentimental? Patsy Cline's got your back. Feeling witchy after a few glasses of Pinot? Stevie Nicks will summon the white-winged doves of your inner gypsy. Mix in some Tom Waits weepers (Mule Variations, natch) and the deathlessly smooth soft rock of Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees, and your ass may never leave that bar stool. Unless that magical jukebox requires you to shake a little somethin' somethin', that is. (Facebook shortcut:

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