Best Jukebox

Courtesy Diner

How many rotten nights out have been redeemed by Courtesy Diner? Too many to count, as the venerable greasy spoon offers early-morning salvation by the plateful to all seeking sanctuary. Strike out at the bar? Shake it off with a stack of pancakes. Looking to sober up? Courtesy's famous slinger (a heaping mess of eggs, chili and hamburger patties) will straighten you out, and maybe usher in a colonic to boot. But you need an appropriate soundtrack for such late-night endeavors. Luckily, the diner's jukebox is one of the best bargains in town — a buck gets you seven selections, a steal compared to those fifty-cents-a-song Internet jukeboxes. The Wurlitzer at Courtesy is stacked with classics from Journey to Al Green — a timeless soundtrack for a timeless little eatery.

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