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Blueberry Hill

First-time users of the famed jukebox at Blueberry Hill might get confused. Intimidated, even. The CD covers with the track and album numbers aren't inside the box, where you push the little arrow buttons to flip through until you find what you want. There's no way the thousands of CDs available here could be represented inside that little window. Instead, there's a big black three-ring binder on a table next to the box, attached to a kind of lectern like a holy book in a church. (You may stare at the box for a few minutes before you figure it out.) The book lists songs and albums, and what's there is a damn-near exhaustive list of pop music from the past half-century. There are great albums -- from the Rolling Stones to the Ramones and Johnny Cash -- and immense collections of oldies, classic rock, country, '80s hits and crooners, with a respectable smattering of contemporary music. And yes, there's plenty of Chuck Berry.
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