Best Jazz Radio Program

Jazz Unlimited

Though jazz remains a marginal proposition in the overall radio marketplace, the situation in St. Louis actually saw a significant positive development in the last year. WSIE (88.7), a local jazz station that in 2009 abandoned local programming in favor of syndicated fare, began reintroducing locally produced programs. It also began streaming over the Internet for the first time ever. Those certainly are welcome developments, but while WSIE is still a work in progress, Dennis Owsley's Jazz Unlimited show on KWMU has continued to offer a wide range of classic and modern jazz styles on a weekly basis. They're both thoughtfully selected and presented, allowing the station to retain the proverbial crown for at least one more year. Although jazz fans here certainly welcome more local programming on WSIE, Owsley's deep personal library and vast knowledge of the music can't easily be replicated, making his show the authoritative choice — for now, anyway — in this category.

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