Best Jazz Radio Program

All Soul, No Borders

For all of the dedication and discipline required to play jazz, it's discouraging that even the genre's most expertly executed music seems doomed to be digested as background music, as a white noise to drown out life's other white noises. Few seem more hip to this struggle than Joshua Weinstein. Every Sunday night at 10:30 he packs his KDHX (88.1 FM) show All Soul, No Borders with improvisational music that demands to be listened to and refuses to be sentenced to life in an elevator. From the hypnotic harp drones of Alice Coltrane to the Art Ensemble of Chicago's orchestrated freakouts to the wildly experimental funk jams of Miles Davis and everything in between (including artists whom jazz purists would certainly shun), Weinstein appears to be as educated in and passionate about jazz as he is committed to breaking down the genre's unfortunate boundaries.

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