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Jazz Unlimited

Like most human endeavors, jazz tends to be needlessly sectarian. You've got your No-Proper-Stuff-Was-Made-After-1960! camp, and your cadres of free blowers and honkers who're into, well, a whole lotta blowin' and honkin'. That's what makes Jazz Unlimited host Dennis Owsley so refreshing. He's passionate about jazz like Dubya's nutty for tax cuts, yet he displays an easygoing, unassuming and wholly catholic erudition as lightly as Louis Armstrong wore his genius. You'll hear it all on Jazz Unlimited, which airs on KWMU (90.7 FM) Sundays from 9 p.m. to midnight. Owsley, who's been programming for the station since 1983, bops from past to present, paying no heed to castes and artificial barriers. If it swings in any way, shape or form, Kansas City-trad or Manhattan-modernist, Owsley's on to it.
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