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This year Madahoochi went from being a local band to being somewhat of a local institution. Rest assured, at the head of the week if nothing is going on featuring a member of the Dead, Phish or Widespread Panic, you can find all your skirted, dreaded and patchoulied friends at Cicero's on Monday night. Madahoochi Mondays used to be a ramshackle affair, but the steady gig has not only marked the expansion of the group's fan base but also its maturation. No longer is Madahoochi the band of the "Doggie in the Window" jam. They are tighter, more concise, and their jams do what jams should -- stretch on with purpose. Now their varying slew of special guests break a sweat before each show, half wondering if they'll be able to keep up and half in anticipation of the party sure to rage after last call.
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