Best Jam Band

Naked Groove

"Ass" is a difficult concept to grasp. It's not that people don't understand its ramifications; more likely, they're not willing to accept the fact that ass is a common denominator in many of the things in life that are good. They think it's a nasty word that has no place in civilized speech, an uncouth utterance to be reserved for beasts. Unbeknownst to them, ass is the bottom end, the foundation for whatever happens next (and who cares what happens next if it has ass?). Ass is what makes James Brown go "unh!" It's what makes gravy the stuff you wanna put on mashed potatoes. There is no apologizing for ass, and there shouldn't have to be. If someone apologizes for ass, it's not ass. Unfortunately, many a jam band falls flat on its ass when attempting to "jam." There's a big difference between "ass" and "ass lite," and it's insulting to suggest that the difference must be explained. Suffice it to say that our champions in this category know the difference and throw down in a way that destroys all possible ass. You'll see when you witness Naked Groove for yourself. Their live business is like fireworks, cotton candy and cunnilingus all rolled into one, and doubters are free to download their full-length por nada at if proof is needed. Singer/guitarist Tim Moody says it best: "It's not sex, but it's close."
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