Best Italian Restaurant (Cheap)

Tavolo V

Keep a copy of the menu after you order at Tavolo V, the most recent entry in Michael Del Pietro's rapidly growing culinary empire (Sugo's Spaghetteria, Babbo's Spaghetteria, Pazzo's Pizzeria, Via Vino Enoteca). Once the food arrives, you'll want to check that you've received the correct dish, not something more expensive. Once you taste it, you'll want to check again. At Tavolo V, $12 buys you any of the restaurant's Neapolitan-style pizzas, whether you prefer a traditional pie (the margherita or the "Babbo's," made with sausage, oregano and caramelized onions) or something a bit, um, crazy (the "Pazzo's," with pancetta, shrimp and goat cheese.) With only a few exceptions, all of the pasta dishes are $12, including spaghetti with colossal meatballs or a slab of lasagna that could feed two (or even three) hungry diners. Don't worry if you can't finish what you order. Stretching leftovers into a second meal makes Tavolo V an even greater value than it was to begin with.

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