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India Palace

India Palace sits atop a dated office building, adjacent to an old Best Western, like a long-lost Hindu civilization. Or was it a Polynesian one? Between the statues of Vishnu and the outrigger canoes hanging from the ceiling, the restaurant has an unintentional fusion feel. Faced with such an odd location and décor, a lesser restaurant would have closed years ago. But India Palace embraced its quirks and has managed to thrive. That out-of-the-way location? Where else can one see the airport lights from this perspective? The crazy tiki tchotchke? It's a South Asian paradise. Most importantly, though, India Palace consistently turns out delicious, authentic subcontinental food. Its vegetable korma and lamb vindaloo are alone worth the drive north. For the daytime crowd, the buffet is unrivaled. Weekdays, it is filled with well-executed versions of the classics, but on the weekends, the chefs throw in more adventurous offerings (the goat curry is a must-try). Who knows how long this building will remain, but for now, India Palace is a delicious time capsule.

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