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When the Indian restaurant Ruchi became Mayuri in 2009, local fans of Indian cuisine worried. Ruchi was one of the area's best Indian restaurants — this publication had dubbed it so in 2008 — its large and varied lunch buffet especially beloved. Thankfully, the menu remained more or less the same, and the quality of the dishes and the variety of the buffet are as good as ever. Universal favorites such as chicken tikka masala, vindaloos and kormas are excellent, but Mayuri also provides a wide range of less-often-seen southern Indian dishes, including dosa, a large pancake-like dish made from rice or lentil and then filled with various combinations of vegetables and grains. Heat freaks should order the fiery Andhra chicken, from the region of India reputed to have the spiciest cuisine in the nation. Anyone looking for a change from the ordinary should sample the rich, funky goat curry, almost always available on the lunch buffet.

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