Best Indian Restaurant

India Palace

Planes land. Planes take off. Travelers stand in line at the security checkpoint, staring at their watches. Travelers stand around the baggage carousel, staring at their watches. But you are sitting high above the fray — literally, eleven stories above, in the former tiki bar that houses India Palace. The windows overlook the airport runways, all the silly passengers who think you have to go somewhere. Why leave? St. Louis is in the heart of the heart of the country, but that doesn't mean the area isn't home to terrific Indian cuisine. In truth, St. Louis is home to several standout Indian and Pakistani restaurants, but a meal at India Palace always seems to travel that (metaphorical) extra mile. Curries have both heat and flavor. A man could get lost trying to find all the different seasonings inside such dishes as korma and rogan josh. Even the buffet selection, while small, is kept fresh, each dish as tasty as if it had been made to order. The service is outstanding, treating you royally. Planes land. Planes take off. But why would you ever leave?

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