Best Iced Mocha

Kayak's Coffee

We don't like chocolate milk. Yes, we guzzled the stuff when we were toddlin', but the appeal of chocolate-flavored liquid nourishment waned as we matured. (No, we don't like Kahlua, either.) Not surprisingly, the problem we have with most iced mochas is that they taste too much like chocolate milk. How pleased we were, then, to discover that Kayak's Coffee has perfected the fine art of the chilly cocoa drink. Ask for an iced mocha—even the nonfat variety—and you'll get a drink mottled with swirls of rich dark chocolate that's balanced perfectly with hints of bitter espresso. Not too thick and not too thin, the mocha tastes substantial but doesn't make you feel like you're slurping up fudge. Add whipped cream if you're hankering for a dessert drink.
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