Best Ice Cream Parlor

Baileys' Range

Several St. Louis outfits make their own ice cream, but none do it quite as creatively or splendidly as Baileys' Range. Commissary chef Stephen Trouvere starts with the basics — eggs, sugar, cream — to whip up a silky-smooth Philly-style custard. From there he adds natural ingredients to create some of the most inventive flavors to be found in the 314 (or the 636, the 618 or the 573, for that matter): "Three-Chili Chocolate," a pistachio that's both nutty and minty, "Baileys" (as in Baileys Irish Cream) and what just might be the finest salted-caramel ice cream in the land. The "Sweet, Sweet Bacon" shake — salted caramel ice cream, Kentucky whiskey, topped with a piece of candied bacon — will turn the most jaded anti-hipster into a believer in the pairing of ice cream and smoked meat. Even with fifteen divine flavors (plus three sorbets), Trouvere keeps himself on his toes with a weekly "Battle of the Ice Creams," in which customers can vote on their favorite of two new experimental flavors. A recent Battle pitted "Banana Nutella" against "Watermelon Sorbet." How could you choose?

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