Best Ice Cream Parlor

Crown Candy Kitchen

Crown Candy Kitchen has been a treasure trove for sweet-toothed St. Louisans (and a nightmare for the city's more self-righteous dentists) for nearly a century now, but the north-side landmark wears its age well. Squeeze into one of the small booths and read how Harry Karandzieff and Pete Jugaloff founded Crown Candy Kitchen in 1913. It's still a family affair, with the third generation of Karandzieffs serving up scoops of rich (14 percent butterfat!) ice cream as malts, sundaes, newports (a sundae with whipped cream and nuts) and banana splits. But even unadorned, a scoop of Crown Candy Kitchen ice cream is a wondrous thing, both as a meal and dessert. Ozark black walnut and black cherry are our personal favorite flavors, but no matter what you choose, you'll leave Crown Candy Kitchen with a smile on your face.
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