Best Ice Cream Parlor

Frozen Assets

There's Chocolate Ice Cream, and then there's Really Good Chocolate Ice Cream, and then there's Serious Chocolate Ice Cream. The capitalizations here are not just for emphasis; those are the proper names of three actual flavors of frozen goodness at Frozen Assets. As impressive as that reads on paper, things get even better in person at this simple Central West End storefront, decorated mostly in computer-printout signs and banners (a quaint touch, even if unintentionally so). Every tub of ice cream is made right behind the counter, with none of the preservatives and chemicals that suppress the flavor of mass-produced ice cream. The happy result: a flavor like Fresh Banana tastes so pungent it's hard to believe it's not healthy for you. There's a Frozen Assets outpost near Washington U., at the intersection of Millbrook and Big Bend boulevards, but the cherry on this particular sundae is its locale, nestled in the city's best nabe for a cone-licking stroll. After all, isn't that the best part of going for ice cream?
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