Best Hot Dog

The Sweetheart

Oh, the poor, derided hot dog! Once celebrated at the backyard barbecue, the frankfurter has been abandoned by those who used to love its salty meatiness, and it has been relegated to the kids' table. No fair! You need to reclaim the hot dog, and ordering the $6.25 all-beef Sweetheart at Blueberry Hill is the perfect way to get back on the bun, so to speak. For starters, this 'dog is huge! And it's split in half lengthwise, so when it's grilled, it absorbs maximum flavor. Decked as it is with gobs of either raw or sautéed onions, the Sweetheart is probably something you and your sweetie should both order, lest one of you plans to ride home in the back seat. And what really makes this a sweet wiener? The Swiss cheese and the rye bread. That's right: This hot dog resides in the sandwich section of the menu for good reason. (And buns are so 2003.)
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