Best Hoosier Bar

One Nite Stand

If the bar sign featuring a Confederate flag crossed with Old Glory doesn't tell you that this isn't some froufrou fern bar, the big display sign out front, covered with chicken wire, probably will. As you enter, signs are posted prohibiting drinking and loitering outside. Inside, behind the bar, is a posted neon-colored sign establishing: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." Over by the pool table, signs also advise bar patrons that they can leave their ID or $5 as a deposit for pool racks and that they must be 21 to play pool, drink or play the game machines. The bar features a big wood-paneled walk-in-style icebox, which is used as its beer cooler. The jukebox features plenty of Elvis, as well as unlikely selections from Janet Jackson, Chicago and Jimi Hendrix. Don't bother to ask for the menu; they only serve frozen pizza (but they do have some snack machines). And don't bother to ask for the beer or wine list; you can get Bud, Busch or Miller, as well as selections of hard liquor by the drink. They also sell six-packs and half-pint package liquor to go. Colorful patrons and even more colorful barmaids make this an interesting stop -- at least before sundown.
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