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Hi-Fi Fo-Fum

What separates a great business from the pack is the people who work there. You can walk into any big-box electronics store, ask a question of any of the 115 college-sophomore salespeople and what you're going to get is one of three things. One, you could get a shrug. Two, you could get an explanation of a given product that's pretty much just whatever's printed on the box. And three, the young worker bee in question might tell you they don't work in that department and then, if you're lucky, go call someone who actually knows something. It's a little frustrating, to say the least. Save yourself the headache and go to Hi-Fi Fo-Fum. When you ask a question, you'll get an actual answer. These folks know what they're talking about, and they'll be happy to give you the benefit of that knowledge. They sell good stuff, of course, but the best merchandise in the world is no good if you don't know what to do with it.

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