Best Hole at a Public Golf Course

No. 15

Avid golfers often use the "enjoying nature" excuse in justifying their addiction to this unforgiving sport. Hogwash! Most golf addicts wouldn't care if they were playing on an Astro-turfed parking lot, so long as they were hitting the shiznit out of the Titleist. But in the case of No. 15 at the Missouri Bluffs, the "nature" excuse has merit. With its tee box positioned on a steep ridge some 120 feet over the fairway, this hole provides breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. From way up there it's not uncommon to see deer and wild turkey passing like tiny dots along the valley floor below. And the hole, a 529-yard par five, has the brawn to match its beauty. The fairway and green are surrounded by sand traps and dense forest, punishing the slightest mistake with a penalty of a stroke or two. The rest of Missouri Bluffs is nearly as impressive. Designed by Tom Fazio, the course winds its way through the hills and valleys of St. Charles, hemmed by old-growth oaks. A word of advice: If you plan on playing the Bluffs, do it soon. Though the course is open to the public, management is recruiting members in a bid to take it private in the next year or so.
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