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By definition, a hipster will vehemently deny that he is one. But there's no mistaking the youthful, cyclist elite populating Handlebar. That isn't to say the bar itself is exclusive or requires a strict membership. Despite the negative connotations of hipsterdom, Handlebar offers a safe haven for all the ratchet youths of the area to flock to and flourish. Drawing everyone from the bright-eyed college kid to the meandering thirtysomething, Handlebar features a menu of traditional Russian fare and enticing drink specials as well as some of the snazziest bartenders in town. Featuring everything from rock and soul DJs to all 50 shades of EDM, Handlebar's dance floor can be found littered with a vibrant wave of colored denim and tank tops almost every night. Ever try a pickleback — a shot of Jameson followed by pickle juice? Now might be the perfect time to put on those sunglasses at night and get ahead of the curve.

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