Best Hip-Hop Program to Die in the Past Year

STL Home Jamz

For five years we didn't have to worry about finding the best in undiscovered local hip-hop, because Finsta and Sno had it on lock every Sunday night. They introduced River City to the names that have since become synonymous with quality hip-hop: Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, Teresajenee, Yung Ro and the myriad others who got their break in the weekly two-hour block on WHHL (Hot 104.1). But such community service doesn't last long in the profit-driven world of corporate radio, and the popular program was unceremoniously axed at the tail end of July. The two veteran DJs will survive, of course, but the rest of us, fans and musicians alike, are left without our weekly dose of finely selected local hip-hop.

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