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Integrity isn't so much a place to dance and see a show as it is a networking tool. Sure, scene heavyweights Finsta and Tech Supreme make certain the night's performance is dope, and DJ Trackstar's playlists are always on point, but if you want to make it in the game in St. Louis, you best be seen at Integrity every Saturday. A producer with a hot new beat? Find out if it even makes the cut in the Battle of the Beats. Got the gift of gab? See if your freestyle can hold the open mic. "It's not based just on rappers, it's based on producers," says co-host Finsta, whose day job finds him toiling as vice president of Ch'rewd Marketing and Promotions, a client of several major record labels. "I love that we do something for DJs and I really love that we doing something for the producers, because they never get any shine. With that going on, they getting their network up at the same time they out having fun."
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