Best Hip-Hop DJ

DJ Mahf

DJ Mahf is no stranger to this publication, and we'll stop writing about him and his irreproachable turntable skills if he ever slows down or misses a beat, but 2013 doesn't seem to be the year that that's going to happen. After multiple tours this year with partner Steddy P, including a Canadian excursion this spring to open for the legendary Masta Ace, the duo released the Hunter S. Thompson-inspired Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo in early September. Recorded by Matthew Sawicki at St. Louis' Surburban Pro Studios and released on Kansas City's Indyground label, the album is full of densely layered beats and rhymes, and Mahf's scratches prove equal to the skill brought to the table by his MC. Always hustling, the two have even more tour dates planned before the year is over.

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