Best Hip-Hop DJ

DJ Sno

Being a hip-hop DJ is more than just spinning records that inspire people to get down on the dance floor. That is an essential part of the equation, no doubt, but the most talented turntablists separate themselves from the pack by expanding their repertoire. DJ Sno is a prime example of diversification paying dividends. He mans the wheels of steel when Chingy performs and recently accompanied the local rapper on a world tour that included stops in Japan and Europe. Along with Finsta, Sno is the cohost of STL Home Jamz, which broadcasts new music from local artists every Sunday night on HOT 104.1 FM. He's a member of the tastemaking group the CORE DJs, works as a producer for Basement Beats (the crew that helped create Nelly's signature sound) and has his own company, Fluid Groove Productions. And, of course, he also keeps it crunk at a variety of clubs around town.

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