Best Hip-Hop DJ

DJ Mahf

Dan Mahfood, a.k.a. DJ Mahf, is the younger brother of famed LA comic-book artist Jim Mahfood, and the DJ for local groups Earthworms, Essence of Logic and the Frozen Food Section. Life's not a hip-hop paradise for the south-county boy who lives with his parents and works at Best Buy, but he sure knows his ones and twos. While his vast collection of old and new underground hip-hop records serves as his bread-and-butter sound, he's not afraid to throw a little Top 40 into the mix, or even the occasional AC/DC banger. When you see him spinning at a gig, Mahf's always smiling, which shows his enthusiasm for what he does. The hip-hop anti-snob, Mahf has no problem giving the people what they want.
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