Best Hip-Hop Club

Blank Space

Blank Space didn't set out to be a hip-hop club. In fact, Blank Space didn't set out to be anything at all. As open-ended as its name implies, the Cherokee Street venue began as an experiment, with owner/operator Kaveh Razani making the deliberate choice to not turn down any event or artist that came knocking. The lack of any heavy-handed curatorial oversight has allowed the space to find its identity organically and has made it a haven for music that might otherwise be marginalized or ignored in St. Louis owing to a lack of widespread commercial appeal. So it is that St. Louis' underground rap scene has gravitated steadily to Blank Space since its inception. And with last month's announcement that Razani has now purchased the entire building outright from his former landlord, major renovations to the space are on the horizon, allowing his experiment — and by extension the local hip-hop scene — to flourish even further.

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