Best Hip-Hop Artist

Black Spade

What's left to say about Black Spade? In last year's edition, we named him Best Local Artist Gone National after his debut record, To Serve with Love, became one of the first underground hip-hop albums from St. Louis to draw praise from critics and bloggers across the nation. Locally his fans voted him Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Solo) in RFT's 2009 Music Awards. As a lyricist he can go verse-for-verse with any emcee in town. As a producer (working under the name Stoney Rock) he helps craft songs for talented locals such as Rockwell Knuckles and Family Affair. As a showman, he held his own opening for Lupe Fiasco at Live on the Levee and stole the show at RFT's Music Showcase by leading an impromptu freestyle session on the sidewalk next to the main stage. What's next for Spade? The sky's the limit.

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