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Castlewood State Park

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An interesting history and even better views await you at Castlewood State Park (1401 Kiefer Creek Road; 636-227-4433). The large park used to be a popular partying venue but has since been cleared away to accommodate hikers and bikers alike. Castlewood straddles the Meramec River, spanning over 18,000 acres. In all of its glory, the park in St. Louis County tangles itself in eight different hiking trails. Trails vary in difficulty and sights to be seen. Trek through the Al Foster trail on what used to be an abandoned railroad track or maybe take an easy loop with the Cedar Bluff Loop. The River Scene Trail, featuring sweeping river views and wooden staircases, is among Castlewood’s most popular. Whatever trail you take, you’ll get in nature views and plenty of exercise. Lush green trees, the long river — it’s a perfect place to get away for the afternoon while still staying close to home. —Jenna Jones
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