Best Highway-2-Heaven

McCausland Avenue

If Michael Landon were alive today, odds are he wouldn't be for long if he commuted along McCausland Avenue. This heavily trafficked road, which skirts the city along Maplewood on its way to Clayton, has all the danger signs -- warped lanes, wind-strewn garbage cans, the odd parked car, no center turn lane, residents backing out into heavy traffic, dangerous curves (Bruno and McCausland) and consistent pedestrian traffic at a Greek restaurant that just so happens to have its parking lot across the street. It's a wonder any of us is alive. Sure, Brentwood Boulevard at 5 p.m. is a nightmare, the way Interstate 170 simply dead-ends into a shopping center is criminal and the bottleneck on Highway 40 at Skinker is more like a WWF chokehold. But make no mistake, to north/south commuters, McCausland is more than a McCause for concern.

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